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Garage Door Maintenance

Your decision to book maintenance for your garage door is excellent. Now, trusting us with garage door maintenance in Burlington, Ontario, is even better. You see, we have experience with all types of garage doors and we have experience with all services, maintenance included. The whole point of maintaining the garage door, in the first place, is to keep it in good shape for longer, avoid problems, make sure it functions safely, and make your life easier. These things are possible only when the garage door is maintained thoroughly and the job is done regularly. And with Garage Door Repair Burlington ON, you cannot fail.

Garage Door Maintenance Burlington

Professional garage door maintenance in Burlington

Ask us to send a pro to provide at your home in Burlington garage door maintenance. You can do that each time you believe it’s time to take care of your garage door. What you can also do is sign up for a regular program and have a tech come out once or twice a year to maintain the garage door.

Whatever you decide to do, our team is at your service. In either case, the garage door maintenance service is carried out with the thoroughness demanded. It’s provided by techs experienced with all garage door materials, styles, brands, types, and openers. Consequently, you won’t ever question the way the job is carried out. Apart from that, the pros inform you about the tasks involved in the service when the job is completed.

The main checkpoints of garage door maintenance services

Which are the basic garage door maintenance steps involved in the checklist? Although there are major differences among garage doors in terms of features, parts, materials, and more, the maintenance checklist is more or less the following.

  •          Thorough inspection of all garage door parts
  •          Garage door troubleshooting and fixing issues
  •          Inspection of balance and garage door adjustment
  •          Testing the force and the safety features
  •          Removing debris and dust, and lubricating
  •          Tightening the hardware and checking the garage door movement

Overall, the techs assigned to maintain garage doors inspect all parts – big and small ones. They test and check everything – from the way the garage door moves to its balance and the travel limits. And they fix and lubricate as they move along, ensuring the smooth and safe performance of the garage door. Contact our team to get additional information, answers to your questions, and a quote for the service. Go ahead and book garage door maintenance in Burlington to see the great results firsthand.